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New home for new client. It is always so much fun to have a project that is totally from scratch! Stay tuned for updates. Click to see bathroom progress today. #BlankCanvas 

Chairs I'm loving

To Chevron or to Herringbone?! That is the question!

The assumption is that these are in fact the same pattern. Which definitely is not the case. Although they both achieve similar aesthetics, they dramatically differ in terms of cost, installation time and ultimately the finished look.

Tile Trend Alert: Cement Chic

Cement tile is the new look these days. It can really transform a space’s style but never compromise its function. I have been loving cement tile these days to bring some fun into clients’ mudrooms, laundry rooms, and kids’ bathrooms. We use them on walls, floors, and even backsplashes to bring some chic factor to everyday spaces. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.36.34 AM.png

Fresh way to use Paint

The next time you consider painting a room , try something new!  Paint the molding and baseboard a darker color than the walls, it will change the look of any room dramatically!


Master Bedroom

A calm vignette of warm neutral colors creates the perfect atmosphere for a tranquil master bedroom.

This traditional grey nightstand with contemporary gold knobs ties the bedroom together beautifully. 

A Fresh Take on Pink

Matching colors and mixing patterns is a fantastic way to keep a color scheme consistent yet visually dynamic. 

Lucite Seating aka "Ghost Chairs"

In a previous blog post we discussed the effect of juxtaposing different chair materials in a dining area in order to create a visually dynamic space. In this example, we used a rustic farmhouse dining table and lucite dining chairs, and combined them with an urban inspired caged light fixtures. Although we have used different design styles in this one area, we have created a cohesive room that is inviting and chic. The lucite chairs, (also known as "ghost chairs") are both practical and stylish, and add a light element to a room that could be overwhelmed with heavy furniture. 

We love's ghost chairs. 

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black cabinets against a gorgeous white quartz or stunning white marble countertop in contrast with rich gold hardware looks luxurious, sleek, modern but timeless. This look uses light and shade to brighten the space, rather than making it dark or overwhelming. 



Loving Murals

We recently used the mural pictured above in a home gym to create a dramatic effect in what otherwise would have been a bland space. Murals are an easy, inexpensive option for reimagining an environment and creating a strong focal point. You can customize mural dimensions to fit any size wall, and decor options are endless from faux brick, wood paneling or personal photography.

Image Courtesy of

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Giving Neutrals Dimension

Create dimension by mixing and matching dining chair fabrics for an interesting visual perspective from within and outside the dining room.  A neutral-pallette living space can be easily enhanced by combining patterns and textures. We love the creative juxtaposition of neutral florals and off-white chevron in this upholstered seating arrangement.